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PeepSo Tags plugin statistics

Report generated : 2016-11-01
Plugin last updated : 2016-10-24
Rating : 5/5 from 1 votes

Votes : (5,4,3,2,1) = (1,0,0,0,0)
Votes percentage : (100.0%,0.0%,0.0%,0.0%,0.0%)
Downloads : 2666

Contributors: davejesch, JaworskiMatt, peepso, spectromtech
Tags: social networking, community, stream, photos, videos, pages, followers, acl, activity, profiles, messaging, friends, groups, notifications, social, networks, networking, facebook, twitter, chat, like, likes, comments, alerts, privacy, cover photos, avatars, social media, sharing, share, activity, network
Requires at least: 4.1
Tested up to: 4.6
Stable tag: 1.7.0

PeepSo Tags plugin PHP files dissected

PHP functions:
PHP functions:
  class_exists is_null
WordPress functions:
  get_avatar have_posts next_post
Deprecated WP functions:

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