Facebook Likebox Plugin

Facebook Likebox Plugin plugin statistics

Report generated : 2016-11-01
Plugin last updated : 2016-10-31
Rating : 4.3/5 from 3 votes

Votes : (5,4,3,2,1) = (2,0,1,0,0)
Votes percentage : (66.7%,0.0%,33.3%,0.0%,0.0%)
Downloads : 50364

URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-likebox-widget-and-shortcode/
Contributors: awordpresslife
Tags: facebook, likebox, facebook page plugin, facebook widget, facebook plugin, plugin, feed, stream, social plugin, like button, facebook wordpress plugin, wordpress facebook, fb like plguin, fb share plugin, agepluign, widget, shortcode, facebook stream, facebook language
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 4.6.1
Stable tag: 0.3.3

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